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Tuesday, March 16

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Amy Elliot & Elizabeth Donius (directors, "World's Largest") - interviewed by Jette Kernion (Slackerwood) Studio SX Beyond Ring Around The Collar: Reaching Tastemaker Moms 8A Broadcast to Broadband: Bringing Motion Graphics to Interactive Television Ballroom E Can Social Media Save Business So Business Can Save the Planet? Hilton J Can You Run a 'Serverless' Business? Hilton C Change the World, Lives, with Bikes 7 Effective Dashboard Design: Why Your Baby Is Ugly Ballroom A Festival Strategies for Independent Film 15 How to Access the Chinese Music Market 19B How to defuse a bomb and other life lessons from the cast of MACGRUBER 16AB Hulu and Hollywood: Love on the Rocks? Radisson Travis Location Beyond iPhone: Locating 100+M Phones Ballroom F Marketing Goes Social Hilton D Mentors: Writers 11AB Music Licensing for Emerging Media: Apps, Widgets, Viral Videos 18ABCD Music Licensing for Emerging Media: Apps, Widgets, Viral Videos 18ABCD No Straight Lines: Straight Line Thinking Stops Here Ballroom B Online Tastemakers: Death or Rebirth of Music Curation? 12AB Pervasive Games and Playful Experiences: Rendering the Real World 6AB Recession 2009-2010: Grab Your Opportunity Now Radisson Austin SETI: Building a Better Search Using Your 'Thinkons' Ballroom D Snappy Strategies for Selling Art & Craft Online: Part Deux Hilton E Sports Media Distribution: Beyond the TV Hilton A/B Texas Filmmaker Production Fund Workshop 13AB The Chaos Scenario Day Stage The City Is A Platform 9ABC The Parody Home Companion: DIY Fair Use Determinations Ballroom C The Voice Behind the Gun: Voice Acting In Video Games 5ABC Web Video Thunderdome: Branded vs Unbranded, You Decide Hilton H When Swine Flew: Embracing Innovation in H1N1 Response Hilton K Will Kiva Kill Your Nonprofit? Donations 2.0 10AB

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2010: The Year We Broadcast Our Credit Card Radisson Austin 3DIY 15 Accountability's Hot, Anonymity's Not: Trumping the Trolls Hilton J Balance is Bullshit 8A Be Creative and Get Paid Ballroom E Conversation and Community: The Social Web for Documentation Day Stage Dangerous Curves: Hockey Sticks, Swine Flu And More Hilton K Data Control: Who's Nibbling at Your Cookie Hilton E DMCA & ToS 101 19B Epic Lulz: Creating Funny Content on the Web 9ABC Filmmaker War Stories 16AB Games in the Cloud 5ABC Getting Better: The Designer's Path From Good To Great Courtyard Rio Grande B Hiring and Recruitment Goes Social Hilton D How Telemedicine is Healing Haiti Radisson Travis How The Other Half Lives - Touring The Digital Divide 10AB How to Maximize the Value in your Media Assets 13AB Is Canvas the End of Flash? Ballroom A Location-Based Marketing and Advertising: Targeting the Mobile Consumer Ballroom F Love AND Money: Can Fansites Pay the Bills? Courtyard Rio Grande A Making Sure The World Doesn't Suck: How Independent Content Can Save The Media 18ABCD Making Sure The World Doesn't Suck: How Independent Content Can Save The Media 18ABCD Mentors: Filmmakers 11AB Microsoft Bing: Behind the Scenes of The Decision Engine Ballroom C Music 2010: Playlists, Networks, Radio & Numbers You Need 12AB Power-Ups & Press: How the Game Media Impacts the Gaming Industry 6AB Swarming Plato's Cave: Rethinking Digital Fantasies Ballroom B The Future of the Digital Living Room Ballroom D The Viral Lift: How Social Advertising Can PWN the Industry Hilton C Twittering Through Chemo - Survivors Unite 7 What We Learned Watching Kids with Homemade Flamethrowers Hilton H Will Forte, Kristin Wiig, Ryan Phillippe (cast, "MacGruber") - interviewed by Drew McWeeny (HitFix.com) Studio SX World Cup 2010: Engaging U.S. Soccer Fans Online Hilton A/B

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3D & Media: The Language of Sight 9ABC Airing Your Dirty Laundry Online - Therapy or Revenge? Courtyard Rio Grande A Artists + Fans = Powerful Change 19B Can Web 2.0 Kill the Real Estate Industry? Hilton E Could The iPad Have Saved Gourmet? The (New) Future of Magazines Radisson Austin Cracking the Books ' User-Generated Content in Education Ballroom B Devo, the Internet and You 18ABCD Devo, the Internet and You 18ABCD Elijah Drenner (director, "American Grindhouse") - interviewed by Zack Carlson (Alamo Drafthouse) Studio SX Get What You Want, Whatever It Is Courtyard Rio Grande B Getting Your Company Funded Hilton A/B How the Internet is Disrupting the Concert Industry 12AB How To Save Journalism Hilton C Interactive Infographics Ballroom A Judaism 2.0 7 Listen and Hear Ballroom E Maps, Books, Spimes, Paper: Post-Digital Media Design Hilton H Marketing Strategies for Social Wait Now I'm Lost Hilton J Mobile Advertising in 2010: How to Pay the Bills Ballroom F Negotiating the Parent/Teen Divide Over Social Networking 10AB Richard Rosenblatt Interview: Content On Demand Ballroom D Screw Brand Equity - Connected Brands Rule Hilton D Social Health Summit 2010: What We Learned Hilton K Social Justice and Video Games 6AB The Future is Now: Immersive Advertising as Gameplay 5ABC The Two Taqwacores 15 Veterans Find Unlikely Reinforcements Online: Nerds Radisson Travis Way Cool Maps: Beyond Simple Mashups Ballroom C What New Media Has Wrought: Changing Legal Architecture 13AB What New Media Has Wrought: Changing Legal Architecture - CLE 13AB Your Online Identity After Death and Digital Wills 8A

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