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Founder of ilovecreatives and PeopleMap
Downtown Los Angeles
I'm a web designer and digital entrepreneur at heart, with an enduring passion for learning from and connecting with the world. I love to bridge the gap between technology and creativity to create inspiration and opportunities for those around the globe.

My companies include the digital marketing tool PeopleMap and ilovecreatives, a resource for the working creative. Additionally, I am a trusted instructor for leading online education platforms like General Assembly and Squarespace.

I've become increasingly passionate about taking my expertise in web design and marketing to the masses. The more opportunities there are for people to take ownership of their education, who they want to learn from, and how they want to apply those skills, the faster people will be able to start contributing their ideas to the world and make a living. I really hope that with the way I approach online education, it will encourage other people to share and be more transparent. Everyone knows something!