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Willo O'Brien :: WilloToons + Stitch Labs

Willo O’Brien has made a career out of creativity. As an artist, social supercollider, and self-described geek for over a decade, Willo has a passion for empowering fellow creative entrepreneurs. Willo’s online home since ‘99, WilloToons.com, has served as a platform for selling her ‘geek meets rock ‘n roll’ product line, for showcasing her illustrations and designs, and as an outlet for her thoughts on business, technology, and work/life balance. In 2011 she premiered WilloToons Connect, a video series dedicated to discussing Creative Sustainability with other successful artists whose craft has evolved into a business. Channeling her creative passion into a new venture, Willo is now Co-Founder and VP Marketing at Stitch Labs, a design-focused business tool for entrepreneurs who make and sell products. A perfect fit with her career and expertise, Willo is now able to support business owners with an elegant tech solution that helps save their precious time and energy, so that they can sustainably grow their business.

Willo can be found as @WilloToons on everything... say hello!